Delicious Bakery

Online Shop

Don`t want to stay in queues every time to get your favourite cake? Use new eCommerce WP Platform and order online!  (Awerage project price is 900$. Примерная стоимость проекта – 900$)

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We Cook

You Taste

Our team “cooks” the best web-sites using all modern features and technologies. Please, taste it right now!

CMS WordPress

We are using one of the most popular CMS in the world to make our product clear and easy to be customized.


Using Woocommerce plugin allows you to search thought the site, find and buy exactly what you want.

UI Design

Our best UI/UX designers always on the one step with modern style features in web-design.

Quality Assurance

We always check and test your product before delivery. That can provide 100% quality.